staffheadshot_Winifried_200x160Winifred R. Harris

[President / CEO]

Airport Concessions, Inc.

[Profile and Value]

Ms. Harris began as a Sales Associate with ACI with its first retail offering in the Stapleton International Airport in 1986. Ms. Harris was promoted quickly to a supervisory role within the Operations Department. She departed to further her education and returned to resume an operations role before assuming her current position of President and CEO. Ms. Harris serves on the company’s Board of Directors as Chairperson. In this role, her duties include overall company strategy and direction. Ms. Harris is well respected within the hospitality and concession industry, providing clients with proven, multiple-location management programs and their customers with quality and customer-focused retail outlets.

[Airport Concessions, Inc. Denver, CO]

President & CEO (2005-2012)

Ms. Harris is Chief Executive Officer for Airport Concessions, Inc. She is responsible for supporting existing strategic business relationships and developing new client associations while overseeing day-to-day business operations. Ms. Harris maintains existing client relationships, develops new markets and serves as corporate spokesperson. Under her guidance, Airport Concessions is currently opening a new concept “The Body Shop” in Denver International Airport. Ms. Harris also led the company in developing, opening, and operating a retail store in the Rogue Valley International Airport/ Medford, Oregon. Additionally, she has been involved with the renovation projects for the DIA facilities. During her tenure as CEO, Ms. Harris has led the company in developing and operating two Ben and Jerry’s locations in the Dallas Ft. Worth Airport. ACI developed two new concepts, one at Jacksonville International Airport and one at George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

[Winifred R. Harris’ ‘Between Lines’]

Artistic Director, Choreographer, Owner (1991-Present)

Through Ms. Harris’ leadership, the dance company, WRH ‘Between Lines’, has emerged as one of the most original and innovative voices in Southern California. “Between Lines” has garnered nominations for Choreography awards. She is dedicated to the continuous creative development of leadership along with the Arts in America. Ms. Harris teaches workshops in the public school system from middle school through college levels. Ms. Harris continues to create art and understands the importance of art and outreach to assist in the development and growth of the local community at large.

[Executive Highlights & Experience]

  • Coming: Denver International Airport The Body Shop Dec. 2012
  • Current: George Bush intercontinental Airport Fully Booked – A unique bookstore
  • Dallas International Airport Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Shops
  • Santa Monica Pier- Historic Carousel Gifts at the Pier – Gifts / Souvenirs / Snacks
  • Denver International Airport 4 Connections MadeEZ– Newsstand Stores 2 Gifts in Flight – Gift Stores
  • Rogue Valley International Airport- Medford, OR 2 Connections MadeEZ – Newsstand Stores
  • Past: Jacksonville International Airport Dekko Designs High fashion boutique store
  • Los Angeles International Airport News Flash Newspaper/Magazines/Gifts


California Institution of Arts Harvard Business School Executive Education Certificate Family Business Operations: 2006, 2007, 2008


  • ACI Board of Directors-Chairperson
  • AMAC-Airport Minority Advisory Council
  • ACI-Airports Council International
  • LAEDC-Los Angeles Economic Development Council
  • ARN- Airport Revenue News
  • Alliance of Professional Women – Denver